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About Client

After 10 years of extensive experience in India and the UK, Shreya Tanna, in 2017, launched The Bold Bard, a spatial and interior design studio. The Bold Bard has its headquarters in Mumbai, with collaborators in India, Japan & the UK. Predominantly a spatial experience design studio, The Bold Bard, is a multidisciplinary firm, offering services across all design segments, that helps create a holistic design for a space. As a creative, The Bold Bard is focused on enhancing the user experience, along with translating the brand ethos or owner values in the space. The portfolio is a rich blend of various styles and perception on design, all carefully curated for the brand/client and the user of the space. Research, conceptualisation, collaboration and prototyping are the key processes followed at The Bold Bard which helps them reinvent themselves for each project at hand. The founder’s interest in building interpersonal relationships, understanding brands and its experiences, and a keen eye to everything luxury, opulent yet out of the ordinary, has given The Bold Bard a platform to boast its services in bespoke luxe residences, retail, hospitality projects and event design and management.

Products Idea

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