Chemical Industry is highly diversified, covering more than 80,000 commercial Products. It is one of the largest manufacturing Industries. The products of the chemicals industry can be categorised into 3 types as follows:

I)Basic Chemicals - chemicals derived from oil, known as petrochemicals , polymers , basic inorganics.

II)Speciality chemicals-This category covers a wide variety of chemicals for crop protection, paints and inks, colorants (dyes and pigments).

III) Consumer chemicals-detergents, soaps and other toiletries. The chemical industry is a very important contributor to the wealth of a country. For example it contributes over 1% to the Gross National Product (GNP) of European countries, which is over 6% of the total GNP produced by all manufacturing industries.Chemiclas industry in india has been delicensed except for few hazardous chemicals. Upcoming petroleum , chemicals and petrochemicals investmest regions and plastic parks will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure for chemiclas and petrochemicals sector .The indian chemicals industry is projected to reach $304 bn by 2025.Chemical Industry in India is one of the fastest growing industries under the Indian Economy. The Chemical Industry in India continued to contribute to the Economic Growth of Indian Economy. At present, the industry accounts for almost 13% of Indian GDP.