Logistics are an integral part of e-commerce and online retail. Logistics involves physical distribution or physically moving goods from one place to another, meaning costs associated with human labor. To ascertain its effectiveness, real-time information for logistics must be available to sellers all the times. Timely Shipping and Pickup constitutes heavily to customer satisfaction while untimely shipping services may have you earn a bad review pretty quickly.

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Shipping Integrations

  • Shipping integration for more than 10 top companies
  • Real-time Order tracking possible
  • International and domestic shipping
  • Generating shipping labels
  • Real-time status updates on shipments
  • Track 100s of shipping providers

Tracking and Notifications

  • Multi-stage tracking of the shipment
  • Notification service to SMS and email
  • Push notifications for apps and website
  • Tracking package on the site with item code
  • Real-time notifications on seller side about delivery or pickup