Real estate is considered to be a quite complex sector involving versatile functions like buying/selling/renting properties, construction of new properties, managing inventory, etc. The way people deal with the properties has evolved over the period of time. Instead of approaching real estate brokers, people now search properties for sale or rent online.

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Property / Auction Management Portals

Buying, selling, and renting property in the location of your choice is no more a daunting task. Now, people don’t prefer to depend on brokers for finding a property of their choice. Just logging into a few real estate property apps, website or buy sell rent properties portal can get their job done. The real estate companies require to reach out to the audience looking out for the properties online.

We create highly user-friendly and scalable property management software solutions connecting real estate companies with the property buyers, tenants, and investors.

CRM Solutions

CRM software solutions help real estate companies in managing their customer data and other relevant details seamlessly. It becomes easy to manage all the business processes and generate required reports required to plan future business strategies. Whether it is about managing leads or tracking sales, a real estate CRM software can do it for you. A customer relationship management system can help you in analyzing the conversions, helping you to plan successful business strategies for upcoming years.

We provide end-to-end CRM solutions for real estate contractors, builders, brokers and property management companies.

Property Management Software

When it comes to managing several properties, using an efficient property management software becomes significant. Automate your system of collecting rent from tenants, paying maintenance of the properties you own, advertising your rental properties and acquiring new tenants for vacated properties by using a property management system.

Our team of software developers can create business-driven solutions which help companies to embrace the latest developments in the market and overcoming the challenges resulting in consistent profitable growth.