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  • Determining functionalities, plugins, traffic influx and performance benchmarks
  • Determining integration services for the site
  • Determining the server-database architecture
  • UI Design and approval
  • Programming the website
  • Stress testing the site with web-based tools to meet predetermined benchmarks
  • Deployment of the site

Multi-Channel Management

  • Automatic Channel sync across marketplaces
  • Auto-update of inventory
  • Auto-update of shipping information
  • Accounting and payment integrations such as Xero and Stripe
  • Enable payment in multiple currencies
  • Real-time analytics for your ecommerce store

Mobile Commerce

  • Building your m-commerce app
  • Testing your m-commerce app and deployment
  • Determining performance parameters for mobile
  • Set up mobile analytics as the mobile UI and UX generates different traffic patterns
  • Building mobile notification services

Integration Services

  • Integration for Marketplaces
  • Integration for Shopping Carts
  • Integrations for Point of Sale and Shipping
  • Integrations for Payment and Accounting
  • Integrations for Point of Sale and Shipping
  • CRM integrations for relationship management and others